I love necklaces, and I have collected many over the years. I am always intrigued by necklaces with interesting charms. I have a bee necklaces, a fish necklace, a peacock, rock, elephant, and canoe! It always adds a little bit of interest. Yet, I always struggle with ways to display them though, and more often than not they end up in a tangled mess! I found this old rake at the farm and removed the actual rake part. Being the pack rat I am, I thought, “I have to keep this! I might want to use it…someday!” Luckily I thought of an idea early on. Jewelry display!


never too many necklaces!


This was so easy I don’t even know if it counts as a DIY! But everything is so organized now. Not to mention it’s very farm-chic, if I do say so myself.





I even added a few of my go-to bracelets on there. 



I hung it on a nail that was pre-existing in my room. It’s next to my mirror and above my vanity which keeps all of that fun kind of thing together. 


Thanks for reading 🙂



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